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What’s Your Style?

We’ve got the tips on how to make our DTLA apartments uniquely your own.

We’ve got the space and you’ve got the taste. Follow these five design tips and we’ll show you how to make Axis’ DTLA apartments your own one-of-a-kind home.


Use a Room for Its Purpose


The best thing you can do when moving into Axis on Eleventh or Axis on Twelfth is to figure out how you’re going to use your rooms before you decorate.


For instance, in a flex flat, will you create a living or dining area? Are you into movies or dinner parties? Set up your living area to your preference.


If you like to simply unwind at the end of the day with music and a magazine, create this calming space. Your choice of soothing espresso or grey finish options will help set the tone.


Plan for Real Life


Be real and confront your bad habits. Whether it’s leaving dirty clothes on the floor or constantly misplacing your phone, plan out spaces so you don’t have an excuse.


To help you out, our DTLA apartments have walk-in closets and plenty of storage.


Also, make appropriate furniture choices. If you’re like every other human being on earth, you’ve constantly got a screen by the bed. Get a C-table with a drawer for your bedroom. You’ll get that laptop off the floor and have a place to store the cord.


Add Some Curves


To balance out square living spaces, add furniture, artwork or rugs that are circular or have curves. They will provide a nice contrast for the eye and not make a room seem so one-dimensional.



Set the Mood


Light makes such a difference in your happiness and well-being! Our DTLA apartments offer plenty of natural light, but it’s also important to have proper lighting throughout your home.


We help out with under-cabinet task lighting in the kitchen, illuminated vanity mirrors in bathrooms and premium Mecho® rolling shades in bedrooms and living areas.


One final tip on lighting: when you’re lying in bed with a screen (even though you know you’re not supposed to do this), use your device’s blue light filter. It’s easier on your eyes and will help you have a better night’s sleep.


Most Importantly, Be You


You are unique. We like to think that’s why you’re choosing to live at Axis on Eleventh or Axis on Twelfth.


Decorate to please you, not anyone else. Integrate your favorite items, family heirlooms or things that match your personal quirks and idiosyncrasies. Then your place will really feel like home.


If you’re not already living here, come by our DTLA apartments for a tour. We’ll walk you through all the features and amenities that you’re sure to love.

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