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Plant the seed for a better apartment

Make your DTLA apartment an urban paradise.

Spring has sprung, and even though we’re in ever-sunny Los Angeles, why not get into the spirit of the season by adding some “bloom-plow” into your home? Well, maybe not plow. What we’re trying to say is… get some plants for your DTLA apartment! Plants add life to a home, literally, and, unlike most roommates, can even make your home a healthier one by purifying the air of toxins.

Where do I start?

First, think about where you want to put the plants. If you live at Axis on Eleventh or Axis on Twelfth, you’re all set with big windows, an already zen-like vibe and flexible floor plans that offer tons of options to perfectly place any plant. Once you figure out where you’d like to put your foliage, think about a style of plant that will fit. There are a few main styles of indoor plants that accentuate apartment living: potted floor plants, hanging plants, small potted plants and terrariums.

Floor plants are a great addition to any living space. They fill space without taking up much square footage and they bring a fresh pop of green to the room. Hanging plants take up only air space, which you weren’t really using anyway. Countertops and shelves could use a little seasonal greening, too. One thing to think about before you pick just any greenery: if you have pets, be sure to pick plants that aren’t toxic to your four-legged best friend.

But WHERE do I start?

Whole FoodsDisplay of bouquets in a variety of colors in flower shop

In DTLA, you have a lot of options to find fitting flora. But if you have a bit of trepidation bringing another living thing into your place, and more to the point, something you’ll have to take care of, don’t sweat it. Next time you’re getting groceries at Whole Foods Market, grab a plant. They always have seasonal potted plants or for even less commitment, pick up a basil plant or even some flowers.

Rolling Greens

No, not what you think. Rolling Greens Home + Garden is so much more. A greenhouse, a home decor store, an event space, and a furniture showroom, their newest location on 1005 Mateo Street covers the entire block between Bay Street and Sacramento Street between 7th and 8th streets. They will be able to outfit your apartment handily. Plus, they are opening a cafe and wine bar, pantry and wine retail. So if you give up on the plant search, you can head home with some wine, which comes from plants at least.

City Home & Garden

This is the largest wholesale/retail indoor plants store in the DTLA flower district, which happens to be right near Axis, yet another bonus to living in this corner of DTLA. Leafy, thorny, big, small, potted, hanging, lush, airy, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it may not grow on this planet. If you aren’t inspired to add some vegetation to your place after a visit, maybe think about a rock garden.

There are quite a few more options in the area, but these will get you the advice and greenery you need to make your place a welcoming and chic urban garden apartment. And if you don’t have a place that’s worth the effort, come tour Axis apartments in DTLA and find one. 



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