What’s good in DTLA?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your city, from hidden gems to trending hotspots.

Make Summer Sweeter at Axis

The secret to a healthy mind and body, isn’t really a secret at all. Studies consistently show that working fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins into your diet is the most effective and sustainable way to keep in shape. Fortunately for us Downtown LA is at the forefront of the clean-eating movement. There’s no shortage of shops to grab a nutritious bite. Even so, it can be a struggle to find the time to eat right. But one potentially power-packed, protein-full, vitamin-rich option stands alone in its sweet simplicity: the smoothie. Take it on the go from a location close by, or enjoy it homemade with your appliances provided by Axis. Either way, mind, body and soul are sure to be satisfied with every sip.

In the City

Juice and smoothie lovers, rejoice! Downtown LA is the optimal location for fruit drink enthusiasts. From popular chains like Robeks, Pressed Juicery and QWENCH Juice Bar, to more picture-perfect stand-alone joints, the options seem endless. Of the former, Pressed Juicery is known for their nutrient and mineral-rich juice blends. And for the most committed of juice lovers, their UCLA-clinically studied cleanse has been shown to aid digestion and encourage a healthy balance of flora in the stomach, as well as promote overall well-being and weight loss. As for the latter, there are plenty of Instagram-ready smoothie places to snap a picture. Amazebowls prides themselves on making healthy eating accessible and fun, and they do a great job of it. Try a taste of the tropics and choose the vibrant Blue Bowl, made with spirulina. Or, if pink is more your color, test out the Dragon Bowl-Z, a pitaya base bowl topped with loads of fresh fruits. Luckily, both of these spots are located close to your Axis on 11th or Axis on 12th apartment, in the heart of our favorite city.

At Home Recipes

There’s never a bad reason to tend to your inner chef. Experimenting with a little culinary creativity makes for an easy and delicious choice. When you make your own smoothie bowls, you have the freedom to be inventive with the ingredients you choose.

If health is your primary concern, go for a green smoothie. These are typically low in sugars and carbohydrates, as well as the high in fiber, keeping you feeling full longer. Follow the “60/40” method. Aim for a mixture that’s about 60% frozen fruits and 40% leafy greens to create the optimal balance. Start with two cups of leafy greens and two cups of your liquid base in the blender. Take your pick from kale, spinach or even dandelion, and blend with coconut water, almond milk or a similar liquid of choice. After these are combined, add three cups of frozen fruit. If you feel like including a boost, pour in a serving of chia seeds or almond butter for healthy fats, or cacao and cinnamon for flavor. Have some smoothie left over? Pour the extra into freezer-safe cups, cover the top with foil and poke with a fork so that it stands up straight. Stick them in the freezer and…voila! Homemade smoothie pops for dessert tomorrow night.

Greens of course, can be substituted with a wide variety of foods. That’s the beauty of the smoothie. The tasty drink can be altered to fit whatever mood your taste buds are in that day, so you’ll never be disappointed. With your chef-inspired kitchens and full complement of Whirlpool stainless steel appliances, preparation is made easy. The choice to go out or stay in has never been harder…luckily for us, at Axis you can’t go wrong.

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