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Essential summer reading in DTLA

Find riveting books this summer near our apartments in downtown Los Angeles.

Having a go-to book is essential in the summer months. There are too many occasions to pass time not to have a novel to crack open and while away the hours. Whether it’s by the Axis pool, in a cozy chair in your apartment, or in the airport waiting to embark on your next great adventure, a book is a summer necessity. Have you made your summer reading list yet? Regardless of answer, DTLA offers access to amazing places that will help you find the perfect summer book. Here are a few.

Los Angeles Central Library | 630 W 5th St

First of all, this spot is landmark in LA and, if you haven’t visited yet, we’ll forgive you if you stop reading now to go experience this conglomeration of art, literature, and architecture. It’s a hub of culture within our  hub of culture in DTLA.

The first thing you’ll come across is Maguire Gardens which greets you as you enter the perimeter. This spectacular spot features park-like grounds with major public artworks, lush plantings and landscaped terraces. Beyond the exquisitely composed flora, the library building, finished in 1926, is a monumental structure and a shining example of Art Deco style, with a geometric simplicity and extensive collection of ornamental sculpture adorning the exterior. You’ll get your trip’s worth from the outside alone, but…

Inside, it’s like a museum, with soaring ceilings, art exhibits and beautiful spaces at every turn. You absolutely must head to the Rotunda to gaze up at the magnificently decorated, domed ceiling. Highlighted by the brass Zodiac Chandelier, it’s a stunning space that gives pause, and recalls an era of grand dreams and the emergence of Los Angeles as one of America’s most notable. And, of course since it’s a library, you have free access to an entire building of books, periodicals, videos, audio books, and so much more. Here, you can ingest all the content you want, and save your money for other summer activities.

The Last Bookstore | 453 S Spring St 

Very simply, The Last Bookstore is California’s largest used and new book and record store. In a more descriptive way, The Last bookstore is a beautiful mix of tangible media and art, including artfully crafted spaces that transform books into physical experiences. From a social perspective, there is always something going on here, including book readings, author signings, celebrations of genres and other cultural events, so take a quick look at their calendar to see what’s going on before your visit. The staff’s advice can also be very helpful in filling your summer with quality reads. Like the Central Library, this temple of literacy is worth a visit even if you’re not interested in picking up any reading material with a plethora of interesting spaces, people and events. In lieu of a book search, they also stock vinyl records, so perhaps you can procure your “song of the summer” in place of a good read.

A Shop Called Quest | 300 S Santa Fe

Are graphic novels or comic books more your style? No longer thought of as just for kids, comics have earned their deserved respect with an artful blend of illustration and storytelling. And with the trend of summer blockbusters focusing on more and more eclectic and niche characters, if you want to be ahead of the curve pop-culturally, you’ll want to stop by the DTLA location of A Shop Called Quest. From floor to ceiling, this place is filled with artifacts, toys, comics, memorabilia, and just cool stuff. Plus, they host occasional events with authors, artists and more.

Sure, you can always hop on the Internet and download or order stuff from Amazon, but where’s the fun in that? Get out into DTLA! And if your place isn’t close enough to these awesome spots, consider scheduling a tour at Axis apartments in DTLA to find an incredible space to call home that’s close to all this (and so much more).



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