What’s good in DTLA?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your city, from hidden gems to trending hotspots.

Axis Kitchen

Make Summer Sweeter at Axis

The secret to a healthy mind and body, isn’t really a secret at all. Studies consistently show that working fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins into your diet is the most effective and sustainable way […] Read More

Celebrate Summer at Axis

Some winters feel like they age you by more than just one season. Summer, however, is a lighter affair. It’s a time for laughter and fresh air. At Axis on 11th and Axis on 12th, we […] Read More

Prepare To Pamper

At Axis on 11th and Axis on 12th, we know that residents have worked long hours to attain the incredible lifestyle that they have. Simultaneously, the Axis staff work hard for residents to make life […] Read More

Break a Sweat This Summer

Discover the best of the heart rate-increasing, weight loss-promoting, side stitch-inducing activities that our DTLA apartments have to offer. They say you should find three hobbies that you enjoy: one to make money, one to […] Read More

Laughing woman holding a puppy

Make your pet feel at home.

Find a perfectly pet-friendly apartment in DTLA at Axis. No matter how great an apartment is, it’s not good for you unless it makes your pet feel at home too. Axis on Twelfth and Axis […] Read More

MAn reading at The Last Bookstore in DTLA

Essential summer reading in DTLA

Find riveting books this summer near our apartments in downtown Los Angeles. Having a go-to book is essential in the summer months. There are too many occasions to pass time not to have a novel […] Read More

Busy aisle of fresh produce, meats, seafood and other goods at Grand Central Market

Tour the world at Grand Central Market.

Flavors from around the globe are just down the street from Axis apartments in DTLA. Grand Central Market is a foodie paradise with a wealth of cuisines all crammed into a historic marketplace. If you […] Read More

Outdoor amenity courtyard and lounge space at Axis DTLA

3 Ways to Entertain with Ease at Axis

Take advantage of stunning spaces to host guests in apartments in DTLA Having friends over for a shindig doesn’t have to mean a full day of shopping and preparation beforehand. Just use these ideas to […] Read More

Step Out in the Spring Air

The outdoor amenity areas you must see at our Downtown Los Angeles apartments!   How did Axis on Twelfth create the perfect outdoor amenity spaces? We listened to your needs.   Whether you’re looking for […] Read More

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