What’s good in DTLA?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your city, from hidden gems to trending hotspots.

Break a Sweat This Summer

Discover the best of the heart rate-increasing, weight loss-promoting, side stitch-inducing activities that our DTLA apartments have to offer.

They say you should find three hobbies that you enjoy: one to make money, one to stimulate creativity and one to break a sweat. Whether you’re a fan of the classics, or all about breaking molds, the exciting variety of options near Axis’ Downtown Los Angeles apartments will be sure to provide the perfect workout.


For the Typical Gym Enthusiasts

Traditional gym lovers needn’t look any further than The Los Angeles Athletic Club. The state-of-the-art fitness facilities are accompanied by a luxurious spa in this timeless Downtown LA building. For over 125 years, the club has been devoted to providing the highest quality health experience for all of its members. This includes private events like Father’s Day brunches, concerts and even weekly organized team sports. Be as involved, or uninvolved, as you want! They leave it up to you. And on days when time is expendable, but the quality of cuisine is not, try one of the upscale restaurants that the club has to offer. Head to Invention for a craft cocktail, Famous Players for a deluxe bistro experience or Plunge Cafe for coffee choices galore.

While you shape your own workout at LAAC, Pure Barre creates its own structured class that is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it is an upbeat but low-impact, energy intensive and isometric sweat-session that will leave you in awe of ballerinas everywhere. The class uses light weights and a ballet Barre to target different areas of the body, increasing strength, balance and posture with every 45 to 55-minute class. While this facility does not offer the classic cardio and weights sections, it is sure to provide a workout that will make the treadmill seem trivial.

Sometimes, even a short commute seems impossible. Luckily, Axis on 11thand Axis on 12thhave their own high-tech gyms to offer residents, featuring Technogym® cardio and weight equipment and studios to get active at any time that suits you.


For the Trendsetters

SoulCycle® has taken the nation by storm by offering their individual-focused spin class experience that is unique to their studios. It’s no wonder that the trending workout class would choose to locate in the up-and-coming DTLA, right in Axis’ backyard. SoulCycle® prides themselves on being not only a workout, but an experience. The class is distinguished by their upbeat and catchy tunes and colorful lights. By employing the best and most motivating spin instructors, they aim to inspire while you perspire.

Where cycling favors the fast-paced exerciser, yoga appeals to those searching for tranquility. And while typical yoga is all well and good (increasing flexibility, muscle tone and energy), Laughing Frog Yoga argues that the traditional practice is missing something. You’ll have to hop in the car to get to this West LA studio, but the one-of-a-kind experience will be well worth it. Heard of the recently popular baby goat yoga experience? The instructors at this location offer both that, and puppy yoga weekly. The interactive and friendly animals will even join in on some of the poses, and, with your permission, goats can hop onto your back or puppies can give you a kiss, bringing out the most literal sense of “downward dog”. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a calorie-burning pastime better than playing with baby animals, but it isn’t only for fun. Spending time with animals has been shown to decrease levels of stress and boost temperament – goals that align perfectly with that of yoga instructors.

Downtown LA has everything you need to keep up with your summer body goals. Luckily, Axis has the rest to ensure you sustain that progress for the falls, winters and springs to come. With amenities like the gym, pool and lounge spaces right in the building, it will be almost burdensome to give the city all the attention it deserves.

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